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Veronica Pickett

BFA Studio Art

Artist Bio

Joplin native, Veronica Pickett, can often be seen outside with easel and paint in hand. Primarily working with oil, her focus on landscape paintings has led to several commissions for private residences. By painting directly from nature using the plein air process, she captures each location’s beauty at that specific moment of time. Currently finishing up her B.F.A. in studio art, this summer she will begin work toward a Master of Science in Art Therapy Counseling at Emporia State University.  She plans to use her understanding of the creative therapeutic process to help others. 

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Artist Statement

My capstone project Illuminate; how does one walk through the dark?, is focused on using a unique source of lighting to capture a sense of mystery. Throughout, I use the image of lanterns to symbolize one’s inner light. This light is emulating some factor of one’s life through use of symbolism. Sometimes it serves as a stand in for what the individual lives for and motivates them to seek and search for their way.

Illuminate; how does one walk through the dark?, revolves around the concept of “following the light”. In it, I combine the lighting in the natural world based upon places that I go to often, which represent my own journey, with another mysterious source of lighting guiding my path through dark forests and rivers. This idea revolves around following the light, through the difficult and even scary times. This series of work relates to keeping the fire inside oneself alive as a source of light and direction, as well as viewing other’s lights as a source to bounce off of in the darkness. I utilize symbolism in my work while realizing that symbols have different meanings for different people.

My artwork reflects myself and how I have overcome obstacles in my life. Thinking of hardships, such as these troubled times, appear one-sided and isolating. Yet in recollection, the times I thought I was alone; I most definitely was not. For there are billions of other lanterns in the world shining for us to see and be guided by. I seek ways to share my own light and as well keep my eyes open to find others.