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Edgar Rueda

BFA Graphic Design

Artist Bio

Born in Chicago where he was known for his interests in graffiti and street art, designer Edgar Rueda primarily works with drawing, painting and professional design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, InDesign, and Animate.  Taking inspiration from home and life events as well as fashion and the latest trends in the urban lifestyle from around world, he blends these sources with his original love of graffiti and street art to design posters, logos and other design products. 

Artist Statement

The inspiration behind this work is based upon street art, urban lifestyles, luxury, and sport brands. This series is especially focused on “Sneakerheads”, those around the world who understand the hype and lifestyle of the sneaker world There has been a series of recent collaborations such as Nike with Supreme Collab, Nike with Kayne West and 50 Cent with Reebok that were very successful with these enthusiasts. I believe that many of these shoes are verging on becoming works of art on their own and by pushing the boarders of art and urban lifestyle they could continue to become more unique, exciting, and successful.  

Most shoe companies sell shoes by limiting stock to push the prices up, which increases revenue. But these companies don’t seem to realize that most shoe buyers from this target demographic are willing to purchase shoes at almost any price just for the sake of rarity, uniqueness and especially because of limited releasesCompanies need to listen to these customers and create more amazing products by further collaborating with artists. 

My project showcases designs that examines what happens when you combined unexpected brands together (such as Gucci and Nike) or explores using new materials, including high-end brand materials and techniques for making such shoes. Taking a mass-produced commodity and pushing the boundaries through design until it becomes an art.