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Amber Morris

BFA Design

Artist Bio

From the small rural town of Miami, Oklahoma, Amber Morris, has recently introduced her set drawing skills into the world of graphic design.  Having vectorized her personal dreamscapes from journaling dream logs that have been recorded over the span of months, she is now determined to further explore digitally illustrating her fantastical drawings that she has sketched over the past twenty years. This idea has sparked her imagination to limitless opportunities for drawing and graphic design layouts and hopes to make real this world of fantasy amongst viewers worldwide. 

Morris has won awards in the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) and is an active member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and hopes to pursue many diverse opportunities in the fine arts and design worlds.

Adobe Portfolio: morrisamber13.myportfolio.com

Instagram: morris.amber13

Artist Statement

Having an interest in fantasy, dreams have always created a sense of familiarity for me. Dreams reflect on how we decipher life yet it’s unknown where they come from and why we have them. Their subject matter is both fantastical and realistic and we live within these almost every day.

The inspiration of exploring dreams came from studying Sigmund Freud’s psychological stance on dreams and seeing the surreal works of Salvador Dali. Comparing these two different formats of how one explains dream interpretation was truly fascinating and led me to conclude that dreams had a closer correlation to reality than we realize. This idea of a bridge between the realms of fantasy and reality sparked a motivation to try to similarly achieve this duality in my capstone project.

Using the techniques of color theory and tools of archetypal meaning I endeavored to provide a glimpse of and to provoke the same feelings which are felt in a dream. I’m depicting what was seen within dreams in order to make this work not so much a visual message to the viewer but a sense that we can all connect within both the laws of reality and fiction. This is coupled with understanding that dreams are far more than just an overactive synapse in our brains that activates when it becomes overloaded with information. Instead, they give us the opportunity to stretch our outlook on what we perceive as reality even further.