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Harley Roark

BFA Design

Artist Bio

Neosho, Missouri resident, Harley Roark, enjoys mixing studio art practices with design, typically creating original art works that she then incorporates and edits into her design mediums using the Adobe software applications most designers utilize. She is not afraid to rise to the challenge of embracing controversial topics or make her viewers uncomfortable, knowing by doing so, such work can ultimately make an impact and lead to positive societal change. 

Artist Statement

With my capstone project, I wanted to make those who experienced the exhibition uncomfortable. The primary concept deals with how awful it is for one to be a victim of revenge porn. To do so, I designed an immersive environment featuring a dark area enclosed by curtain to be the main focus of this project. In the middle of this space would be a chair for the participant with simulated cameras placed so that they would all be pointing at the middle of the room where the participant sat. A working camera in a corner of the room would create a live feed of the space while a digital projector would project the participant’s face/body on one of the walls while an audio recording of a testimonial, mixed with sounds from actual porn videos would be playing in the background.

The additional work I created for this project, which is featured in this virtual exhibition also builds upon raising awareness of the one in twenty-five people who will become a victim of this crime. This series of digital illustrations depict people recording/viewing other people in compromising positions while the final illustration shows the culminating moment with a man streaming these recorded videos using a laptop, making what was a private exchange, now viewable to the public eye.

While I am not affiliated with them, If you, or someone you know has been a victim of revenge porn I recommend visiting the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative for their FAQs for victims, online removal guides, attorney listings, and 24-hour crisis helpline for those who need to talk to someone immediately: https://www.cybercivilrights.org


The following works represent the artistic views and expressions of Missouri Southern senior art students. Some content contains adult themes and nudity. Without endorsing the work, the university upholds the commitment to freedom of speech and expression, as well as the idea that public discussion is an integral part of the artistic experience.