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Shelly Muncy

Art Education

Artist Bio

Shelly Muncy is an Art Education Major at Missouri Southern State University. The artist lives in Lamar, Missouri. Her intent with her art is to cause the viewer to pause. If only for a moment, giving the viewer a visual break. She is an artist that uses timeless techniques to create memory invoking pieces. A moment of escape from the pressures and high paced reality of the world today. As a future educator, her philosophy is to create a learning environment in which creative thinking and problem-solving skills are encouraged and developed. She will guide her students to be able to express their creativity through art. 

Artist Statement

My mind is like a honeybee dancing from one flower to another. New ideas, old techniques, pushing the boundaries, and experimenting are always ideas pollinating in my mind, ready to try. My capstone exhibition includes flowers as visual metaphors conveying many themes. I like flowers because they delight me. I use form, color, and texture to convey emotions. My relationship to the floral pattern is personal; generating memories of my youth. The inspiration for floral patterns gives me the opportunity to revisit and reflect upon my past.  

I tend to work in a wide range of media with my art. My art crosses the boundaries of fine art, textile, decor, and craft. As an Art Education major being able to work in all types of media is crucial. My art tends to mirror a true picture of my life. Looking at my style, you will see a nostalgic, eclectic, sentimental value in my work. My aim is to generate curiosity for viewers of all ages. Often, I attempt to add an aged and timeless feeling mixed with many warm saturated colors. 

My sculpture piece Hooked Together was inspired by a lifelong friend who travels the United States with her spouse while he operates a crane. My fiber project Hooked #1  is inspired by taking a forgotten technique so a new generation can experience the results. My photography comes from just being outdoors, enjoying life, and being in the right place to capture the moment. For example, my Roy G Biv seeing all the colors of the rainbow. Art can remind us to take time to enjoy the small things and focus on its true beauty to capture it. I want my art to provide an avenue to share thoughts, ideas, and life journeys.