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Ashton McGehee

Graphic Design

Artist Bio

Ashton McGehee is a designer and illustrator, specializing in instructional and informative visuals. Producing guides and animations for multiple branches within Leggett and Platt, she focuses on creating simplistic graphics through her use of flat color and minimal linework. McGehee’s passion for getting helpful and easily digestible information to those who need it has earned her a position in producing the Leggett & Platt Adjustable Bed Group’s documentation.    

McGehee obtained a B.F.A. degree in Design, a minor in art history, and a certificate in illustration at Missouri Southern State University. By utilizing the techniques she acquired while studying these subjects, McGehee aims to create illustration-based designs with objective, modest visuals that serve to clarify complicated processes and concepts. 

Artist Statement

Through design, I build bridges between important information and the seeker. In a society with access to endless amounts of knowledge, it is difficult to find and absorb this information due to the convoluted manner in which it is presented. I envision my work being the filter that is used for basic-needs services with not-so-basic communication techniques. My informative designs present the crucial points of various programs and make them more accessible to a wider audience.   

A key influence in my creative development is technical illustration. I have always been perplexed by the abundance of paragraphs it takes to describe a concept that a single illustration could communicate within a few seconds of viewing. I admire the skill and time investment required of an artist that interprets complex subjects and uses their talent to help others understand these subjects. I aspire to be like these artists, but I also strive to simplify concepts a step further. 

When translating information into illustration, my initial designs are crowded with key points. After generating all vocabulary, I place it in a sequence that is intuitive. I then spend the majority of the design process researching commonly associated visuals of a topic in relation to the intended audience and create my own illustrative interpretation of these visuals. I avoid excessive detail in my work because it is distracting when my purpose is to pleasantly brief the viewer on a subject, not to provide ocular entertainment. By utilizing simple illustrations with minimal line work and flat colors, my designs educate a broad audience without overwhelming them with dynamic visuals.



App Interaction, Adobe XD Prototype