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Madalyn Richardson

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Design

Artist Bio

Madalyn Richardson is a designer, illustrator, photographer and creative individual with experience in publications. She has been an intern through the University newspaper, The Chart and at The Joplin Globe. 

Richardson is passionate about inspiring empathy and creating shared experiences through design. Her work often focuses on the relationship between creativity and communication found in storytelling. Through multimedia design, she plans to pursue childrens publication to promote age appropriate literacy experiences across mediums.  

Her style maintains visual structure for concise communication but is also organic often using illustrative elements. Inspiration for her work comes from nature, literature, black-and-white photography, florals, watercolor, and magazines. 

She will receive a BFA degree in design, minor in art history, and certificate in Spanish from Missouri Southern State University, Spring 2021. 

Artist Statement

I create to express the peacefulness I find in my surroundings. My artwork is inspired by faith and scriptural contexts that is expressed through an emphasis on nature and the serenity that can be found in the world. I enjoy being present in the moment, and finding the beauty that points me back to the presence of God. I see his heart and hand in the world around us, stretching from the morning sunlight, plants, people, and the calmness of nature. My goal as an artist is to express my gratitude for the creation of the world through landscapes or nature-related pieces with use of a variety of media.

I took interest of landscape artwork after studying the Impressionist movement and how they used light and texture to transform images. I took hold of this theme while engaging in art classes and while spending summers traveling. Most of my work consists of plein air paintings, watercolors, photography, or mixed media that includes works with fibers.

After engagement of several trips and different sceneries, my artwork focuses on the snapshots of places where I have experienced peace and steadfastness. Like the artists of the Impressionist Movement, I enjoy working with light, flowers, and landscapes, aspiring for people to receive a sense of hope through nature and experience peacefulness.