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Grace Sitton

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Graphic Design

Artist Bio

Grace Sitton is a graphic designer from Webb City, Missouri where she lives with her husband, Will, and their two cats. She has a passion for storytelling in all its many different facets. She utilizes photography, illustration, typography, animation, brand identity, and user experience in her design work. 

Sitton’s work focuses on the narrative potential held by art and the value of telling the life stories of all different kinds of people. She is passionate about giving value to people’s history through photography, videography, digital illustration, animation, and other forms of design 

Her work was previously featured in The Spiva Art Gallery’s show Memory & Place: Reflections on Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art at Missouri Southern State University. Sitton also worked as a part-time, in-house graphic designer for the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce and was highlighted in the Women in Business article in the May 2020 issue of Show Me Magazine. 

Her full portfolio can be found at gracesitton.myportfolio.com. 

Artist Statement

Storytelling is the basis of human history and is a foundational piece of many cultures throughout the world. Stories positively affect our brains and the way we are able to form bonds and relationships with other people. Storytelling also holds educational, social, and emotional benefits for listeners. My goal is to use design to highlight and share the lovely, sad, exciting, funny, everyday life stories of the people I encounter. 

For my senior capstone project, I highlight the storyteller and their stories through digital portraits, interactive digital rooms, animation, and audio clips. The digital portraits of each subject capture a moment in the storytelling process and have a quote from their stories layered behind the portrait. The interactive digital rooms allow the viewer to interact with the portrait of the storyteller, get a glimpse into the hobbies or interests of the storyteller, and interact with a quote from their story. The animations and audio clips let the viewers experience the stories being told as well as hear the voices connected with each portrait. These different forms of design create a tangible piece of history that otherwise might never be shared. 

Through my process of documenting people’s life stories through design, I personally benefit from hearing about a diverse set of life histories and the storytellers benefit from being given a listening ear and having their stories validated as beautiful and important. My goal through sharing this project is that my audience might learn from lives unlike their own and see the beauty in the stories of others.



Stories, Animation and Audio Media, 1920 x 1080 px