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Sergio Gonzales

BFA Graphic Design

Artist Bio

Sergio Gonzalez is a BFA Major with a focus on Graphic Design. He was born in Long Beach California but grew up mainly in Kansas City Missouri. Ever since he was a child, Sergio had a passion for art, but never got the opportunities to grow his artistry and develop new skills. His art career really began during his first year of college where he started as a Studio Arts Major. It wasn’t until he took classes like Digital Photography, and additional design courses, that introduced him into the world of Graphic Design. Learning about how much of the world is
truly impacted by the works of graphic designer has really inspired him to begin his own work
and contribute something to this field.

A lot of Sergio’s work in Graphic Design includes: package design for products, illustrations for thing like books or album covers, and most recently delving into interaction design with developing application in Adobe XD. Some notable works include creating the gallery poster design for the Step By Step Senior Art Show and creating a couple of posters for the MSSU Theatre Department plays in 2019, Plaza Suite, and the student driven one act plays, These Things Fall Apart. Sergio has also created advertisement posters for several design guest speakers at the art department, including Grant Cotrell from Outdoor Cap, and Chad Maupin from BigBot. As well as being the media manager for the MSSU branch of the Northwest Arkansas AIGA membership.

Sergio current work dives into the mechanisms that control our world and has created a fiction dystopian society inspired by the works of George Orwell in his award-winning book 1984. Work in this project includes application design for interaction, propaganda posters, and even created an entire digital world in the 3-D application Blender. All this comes together to give the viewer a glimpse into a possible future for our current world.

Artist Statement

For my BFA project I chose to take the topic of media and how it represents the world and create my own dystopian universe that is inspired by real life events. The idea behind creating this world is to exaggerate certain aspect of the real world and almost create this glimpse into a foreseeable future that may not be all fictional. My biggest inspiration for this project is that book 1984 by George Orwell. Orwell created this functional world where the people are completely under the control of their government. In the same sense I also wanted to create a similar alternate reality where the viewer can participate in certain interaction that people in this functional world would be dealing with daily. I really wanted to push this idea of “illusion of freedom,” by making it seem like the people are willfully living their lives when they are manipulated to follow the guidelines of the entity in control. A lot of the idea that went into the world building is how much our lives are in control of outside sources beyond our control, and how it can only get worse if we continue down this path.


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