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Jake Hamilton

BFA Design

Artist Bio

Jake Hamilton is a graphic designer based in Joplin, MO. He will be graduating from Missouri Southern State University in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Gra phic Design. His work focuses on incorporating new media design into fashion, such as digital illustration and photography. His main inspirations come from modernist architecture and the Scandinavian modernist design movement. He aspires to continue this line of work by creating a line of clothing utilizing photography and illustration. In his current show he has created 4 different looks for the non-profit Love4All incorporating the Love4All mission while staying true to his own inspirations.

Artist Statement

For me, design can be boiled down to two opposing ideas: form and function. Form and function have been a long-debated subject in design with the general consensus being that form (how an object looks) follows function (the objects intended use). This type of thinking logically presents the idea that function is more important than form, and I would agree with this line of thinking. This theory that function has a limited set of concrete rules and that form can be relative, and this is what governs the basis for all of my work and inspiration. In this show, I focus on the brand development and marketing of Love4All, a non-profit that sells apparel and branded products to donate 100% of its profits to other charities. As I began to develop Love4All’s brand and marketing, I based my inspiration on how I viewed its form and function.

The main function of Love4All is to spread love across the world by donating 100% of its profits to charities that benefit people who need love. With the main function of Love4All defined, I looked to see how best to use the form of my design to complement the function of the company. To accomplish this, I used a design form that utilized a simplistically styled brand aesthetic that continued throughout the designprocess. This style can be seen in the logo as it utilizes a simplistic sans serif typeface and hand-drawn heart, which is traditionally associated with love. I also included this style when designing the products by utilizing sans serif typefaces and symbology to allude to the function of Love4all which is to spread love across the world through charitable donations.

In this show, I also focus on the marketing strategy I created for Love4All. Love4All’s main function in marketing is to spread love across the world to as many people as possible, however, marketing comes with the constraint of needing money to efficiently attain the function of the company. Influencer marketing is a relatively new form of marketing utilizing people (influencers) with largefollowings across social media. Therefore, marketing can take on multiple forms to accomplish the same function. Influencer marketing captures Love4All’s main function by utilizing influencers to effectively promote its message of love while efficiently utilizing a limited amount of funding.